My first real encounter with the 'music business' was at the age of 12 when I became the lead singer and songwriter of a band (with the original and smashing name 'The super kids'!). The band, along with our big visions of becoming worldwide famous, dissolved a year later. And for many years I nurtured my other artistic interests such as acting, dancing, drawing and foremost writing poetry. (Most of the lyrics in my songs are originally poems that express feelings, thoughts or lasting impression that I feel are worth noting down.) Music came into my life again during my highschool years ( in Chile) when Santa Claus managed to squeeze a piano down my chimney. Learning to play the piano opened up a new world for me and I could start turning my poetry into music. After graduating from highschool I moved to Costa Rica where I met Canadian musician Bruce Callow ( who helped me record my first demo CD in a small studio in San Jose. My songs even recieved airplay on a Costa Rican radiostation! After a few more years abroad I finally moved back to Sweden where I attended songcoach John Kincade's Stage School ( to develop and improve my songwriting and vocal skills. And I guess that pretty much sums it all up! I am currently in the beginning process of recording my first album at Great Expectations Studio ( in Stockholm. I hope you enjoy my music! Feel free to leave comments and feedback ...or contact me at: